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United MC Member Contact Information


 Rick Samuelson

(909) 969-3500

Vice President:

 Alex Mansfield

(714) 396-1303


 Jeff Ellsberry

(714) 404-9219

Meeting Secretary:

 Erin Connolly

(714) 336-9089

Correspondance Secretary:

 Gordan Godel

(714) 305-6767

Risk Management:

 Ben Geissel

(661) 201-3548

Board Member At Large:

 Larry Stead

(562) 773-6697

Road Captain:

 Colin Gibbons

(714) 362-7603

Competition Officer:

 Dave Wright

(714) 423-7556

2015 Club Enduro Referee:

 Larry Stead

(562) 773-6697










District 37 AMA Member Contact Information

2015 D37 Enduro Steward:

 Jerry Strahler

(661) 422-6907

2015 D37 Referee:

 Bob Koch

(661) 270-6755

WestChec Enduro Series Info

 Erek Kudla

(805) 236-5866

FYI: Monthly Club Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Orange County KTM, 1319 W. Katella Avenue, Orange, Ca.

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UEA Hot Tips for Fun 5 Enduro Facts
Fun 5 Enduro Fact #6

The object of an Enduro is to arrive at hidden checkpoints along the course at the correct time. You lose points for arriving at the checkpoint late OR early. The person who loses the fewest points (in each rider class) is the winner. More