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Facts about the United MC motorcycle club

 We are a fairly small club (formerly known as the United Enduro Association) with a long history within D37 (over 30 years).

 We feel (rather strongly) that everyone who participates in D37 events should belong to a club. I hope the information that follows gives you some insight about our club and encourages you to consider membership in the United MC.

The purpose of the United MC

 Our constitution states, “The purpose of the United MC is to unite members in an effort directed toward preserving the rights and privileges of motorcycle enthusiasts, and to conduct and participate in competitive and family-oriented motorcycle activities.” While a somewhat “stuffy” description, I think it captures our intent as a club.

Benefits of Belonging to a Club

 You probably know the general benefits of belonging to a club, but as a quick review:
1. It’s a way of giving back to the sport we all enjoy. The fact is that without clubs, there would be no D37 racing. Clubs put on all races we should all do our small part. Secondly, it’s a way of protecting our rights. In combination, D37 clubs provide a loud voice that helps preserve our rights this is a critical, ongoing battle.
2. Pit support. Having club members there to provide support during a race is invaluable.
3. Camaraderie. Sharing the best of times with people you enjoy and that share common interests is just plain fun!

Benefits of Membership within the United MC

 In addition to the benefits listed above, the United MC offers:
1. A club rule is that no one leaves a race unless all members are accounted for. If you get hurt or broken down, you will not be left alone you and your family will be taken care of – always.
2. Family bonding we have racers, but we also have spouses and kids that have fun together (outside of racing). We share common interests and experiences, and respect each other’s differences.
3. We are a small club where everyone knows everyone. Don’t expect to join the United MC and remain anonymous! This is a level of intimacy that is not present in larger clubs.
4. We have a long history and excellent reputation something all members are (and should be) proud of.
5. We have many other activities outside of racing which you may choose to participate in (or not). Examples include, beach BBQ’s, semiformal Holiday Party, play-ride weekends, dual sport rides, and many, many others.
6. Some of our members contain a wealth of racing experience and information a great resource to learn from.
7. You can belong to an Enduro club like the United MC, and belong to a desert club too.

Requirements of Membership in the United MC

 We are a fairly easy-going group, but here are our requirements:
1. $30 per year includes the whole family and you usually get a free t-shirt as well.
2. We ask you attend 4 events per year (any combination of outdoor activities and/or meetings)
3. We ask you are available to help on our race weekend, as well as the weekend prior (known as Major Marking Weekend – there’s two of the 4 events right there).

Come Join Us in the Desert

 That’s about it. We hold our club meetings the second Wednesday of the month. It’s usually in a Pizza Joint near the “Orange Crush” in Orange County. If you can make it, great, if not we understand that too. In general, we’re not the wildest club out there, but we’re not “sticks-in-the-mud” either. Many (or most) of us have been known to drink a few beers (or more) around the campfire at night others don’t drink at all. We do our best to watch our language and behavior until the younger ones are put away (our youngest ones are about 7 or 8, and all ride). We watch each other’s backs.

 Come on out and join us in the Desert! Thank you for your interest and feel free to call me anytime with any questions you may have.

Keep the Rubber Side Down,




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United MC Hot Tips for Fun 5 Enduro Facts

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Start Minute
An Enduro rider’s Start Minute (“minute” or “row number”), determines the time that rider is to start the race relative to Key Time. For example, riders with a number of 17 will start the race at 8:17 (assuming the race starts at 8:00). It is also the number the rider must have on the front number plate of his or her bike.